William Nourse: Landscape Photographer

Have you always had a passion for photography? When did you realize your passion for it?

I've always appreciated photography, as both my father and grandfather took tons of travel photos, but I didn't really pick up a camera at all seriously until I was in my 30's. It's only been in the last five years or so that I've really realized it as a passion or that I have called myself an artist.

Where are you from?

I grew up outside of New York City, in Westchester County, but spent a lot of time in New England even as a child.  I've spent most of my adult life living in Massachusetts, with time out in London and New York.

What has been your favorite landscape(s) you’ve captured?

Iceland is my hands-down favorite.  It has everything that I want - mountains, glaciers, seascapes - and sometimes all three together in the same frame - all wrapped up in a package that's a short flight from Boston.  I've been four times in the last two years and could easily go back another four times.

What are the biggest influencers of your photography?

Not having formally studied photography, my influences are a bit all over the place, and probably draw more from the Hudson River School of painting and the Impressionists than from the classical photographers like Ansel Adams or Edward Weston.  I'm also really influenced by the modern generation of landscape photographers like Alister Benn, Rafael Rojas, Daniel Laan and Ryan Dyar.

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Favorite things to do in Newburyport?

Visit the coast, walk or run in Maudslay State Park or just hang out around home - a lot of my local images are taken on the pond in back of my house.

Where do you see yourself and your business going in the future?

I love creating images that capture the power and beauty of nature and sharing them with people, so that's the main goal right now - in the future, I could definitely see myself leading tours to places that I love to photograph and know well.

Where can we find more from you?

I show locally as a member of the Newburyport Art Association, Rockport Art Association, Marblehead Art Association and Cambridge Art Association.  I have work on display at the Cambridge Art Association as part of the Art, Grief and Land Exhibition from January 8 through February 2, and at the Marblehead Art Association New Member show from January 5 through February 3.  I will also be holding a solo exhibition at the Newburyport Art Association in June.  You can find me online at my website - www.willnourse.photography or on Instagram as wnourse.photo

Joshua Frappier