Ryan Kelley: Sculptor & Artist

Short description of who you are and your passion behind your hobby/skill:

I am a 25 year old self taught artist/sculptor. I have always been hands on- from playing percussion in school or working with my dad making or fixing things or cooking with my mom. I found wire senior year of high school in the art room during study hall. Seven years later I have sold hundreds of pieces to collectors and supporters from Boston to China. I love being involved in my community and look forward to continuing collaborations and experiments with other local creatives. 


Have you always had a passion for sculptures and wire art?

Not always. I loved playing with any puzzles or building blocks as a kid and into my teen years. Thinking in a 3D way has always been challenging but rewarding. 

When did you realize your passion?

During senior year at Triton High School, I took my several study periods and spent them in the art room. I didn’t have a plan for after graduation, so I put my energy into passing classes and being creative with the various materials at my disposal. 

What has been your favorite piece you've made?

I am so lucky that I love many of the projects I take on. The pieces that stand out in my mind are trees where the customer has a special connection to the stone base or the meaning behind the commission. My largest tree to date, “Winds of Change”, which is featured in my new book Twists And Turns is in my top 3 pieces for sure. Based on size, difficulty, and the energy and time put into it, I hope people are blown away by it. 

unnamed (1).jpg

What is your favorite material to use?

I usually use steel, copper, or tinned copper wire for my trees. However, I love welding and grinding steel stock for some of my unusual projects or working with copper sheet for the roses and other pieces I solder and hammer. Metal just has so many possibilities!

Favorite things to do in Newburyport?

I love walking around downtown. So many amazing restaurants and stores to check out. Chatting with friends at work or grabbing a seat to meet with clients is almost a daily occurrence. In the nice weather I will ride my motorcycle around the beautiful winding local roads. 

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Where do you see yourself and your business going in the future?

In the not so distant future I will have my home and studio built; Splitrock Studios. A place for me and other creators to live and follow our artistic passions. I look forward to having a more professional studio setup with room to grow as a working artist. 

Where can we find more from you?

My Facebook page Wire By Ryan, Instagram @wirebyryan, or my website www.wirebyryan.com

Joshua Frappier